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Working with a Certified Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner...

What to Expect
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Since her early 20s, Laurie was inspired by the body's ability to heal itself, and placed her focus on the preventative side of medicine, harnessing the body’s power for healing by giving it the right nutrients, natural supplements, and environment.  She uses her love for healing and natural medicine to help people out of the maze of chronic disease and disabling symptoms, supporting their body’s ability to heal through individualized treatment plans including micronutrients, nutrition, gut support, hormone balancing, and functional medicine testing.  Laurie does not practice “one size fits all” medicine, and creates unique treatment plans that fit the individual’s own biochemistry, genetics, hormonal status, toxic load, and lifestyle.  She is excited to share her knowledge and experience with you to help you on your road back to health and vibrant well-being.


Laurie offers complementary phone consultations to see if her practice is right for you.  


The practice does not accept insurance except a few exceptions of Medicare, and provides invoices with diagnosis codes for those wanting to submit visit costs to their insurance.  HSA/Health Savings Account cards can be used for visits and lab costs. When possible, lab work is billed through insurance, or offered through a discount lab service for those without insurance or with large deductibles in order to keep costs low.


In your first visit, Laurie will gather your symptoms and history, viewing your health holistically through the functional medicine matrix, and then formulate a unique treatment plan based on your needs.  Follow up visits are usually every 4-12 weeks initially until improvement, then as needed or annually based on the patient’s individual status.  Laurie’s office follows covid safety guidelines and she also offers a telemedicine option as well.  Laurie treats a wide variety of conditions and addresses many concerns.

For those wishing to explore working with a health coach, a complementary session with Ellen Friedman, P.T., M.A., is an included benefit at Red Mountain Wellness Center.


Visit here for a full list of conditions treated.

Costs for Visits

New Patient Visit with Focused Physical Exam:

90 minutes,    $415  

Follow Up Visit:             

45 minutes,  $155

60 minutes, $185


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